Growing healthy

York city has a number of community gardens, as well as access to several farmer's markets and an urban farm. Growing your own food or buying from local farms will benefit both your health and your wallet.

What is a community garden?IMG_0918.JPG

A community garden in a place where individuals, community members, groups, and organizations can come together to garden. Community gardens come in all shapes, sizes, and locations. You can find community gardeners tending a communal gardening space or working on individual garden plots. They can be located in vacant lots, unused green spaces, schools, community parks, church property, neighborhood squares, or even an unused parking or paved area!

Garden plots can be in ground, raised beds, in containers, or any combination of those. They can be for growing produce, flowers and plants, encouraging pollinators, or all of the above. Some gardens are for growing food, some focus on mentoring and teaching, some help the community gather, rally, and become united.

Why garden?

Gardening has some significant and important benefits including:​

  1. Re​duces family food budg​ets
  2. Conserves resources
  3. Stimulates social interaction
  4. Encourages self-reliance
  5. Beautifies neighborhoods and preserves green space
  6. Creates opportunity for recreation, exercise, therapy and education​

If you are interested in participating or have more questions about York's community gardens, you many contact Craig Walt at 717-854-7724 or

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