Young Lungs at Play

​When a parent smokes around their children, they are not only hurting their own health, but damaging their kids health in the process. Exposure to secondhand smoke has been estimated to cause 38,000 deaths per year in children, not to mention the respiratory infections, like asthma, that many children constantly around smoke will develop. Since children learn how to behave through their parents, they in turn will see smoking as acceptable and likely become a daily smoker, further damaging their health and polluting our parks.

That is why the program Young Lungs at Play is working with communities throughout the state of Pennsylvania in order to create tobacco free parks, playgrounds, and recreational areas for children. This organization is helping communities to institute tobacco-free ordinances at parks, zoos, playgrounds, beaches, and even city sidewalks in an attempt to protect both children and their environment. For more information, visit Young Lungs at Play's website.

Watch the Center for Disease Controls Advertisement where Jamason and his mother talk about a near-death experience caused by secondhand smoke. Dangers of Secondhand Smoke

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