​​Playful Sidewalks

making york sidewalks fun!

Located in different parts of downtown York, playful sidewalk murals have been painted by locals to make play readily available for kids (and adults!) in the area. Adding 78-street-murals-playful-york-epby-ymca-seth-nenstiel-photography-09388.jpg
elements of play to places that have a lot of foot traffic makes it easier for people to add play to their day!

We have murals located at Central Market, Penn Farmer's Market, Cherry Lane, Farquhar Park, Broad Park Manor and the Rabbit Transit Transfer Center.

Eat Play Breathe York was awarded a substantial grant to add even more interactive art to the streets of York in 2017. Share your photos of these playful sidewalks with us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter!

Contact Cori Strathmeyer​​ with questions or comments. 717-843-7884 x269

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