Food Availability Task Force

Contact: Joe-Anne Ward-Cottrell, Committee Chair
Health Educator, WellSpan Health Community Health Improvement

Mission: The Food Availability Task Force fosters progressive initiatives that foster community change, establish strategic partnerships, and educate York residents about accessing and consuming nutritious foods.

York Urban Garden Association

Contact: Craig Walt, Committee Chair
Community Health Services Supervisor, York City Bureau of Health

Market Basket of the Month

Contact: Joe-Anne Ward-Cottrell
Health Educator, WellSpan Health Community Health Improvement

Mission: The goal of Market Basket of the Month is to bring together the school cafeteria, classroom, home and community through a strategic effort to promote healthy habits for students.



Transportation Task Force

Contact: Craig Walt, Committee Chair
Community Health Services Supervisor, York City Bureau of Health​

Mission: To engage stakeholders throughout the York Community in an effort to promote and advocate for policy and environmental changes that suggest alternative forms of transportation which support safety and physical activity.


Bring On Play (BOP)

Contact:  Karen Gleba, Committee Chair

Contact:  Jim Gross, City Contact
Director of Public Works, City of York

Mission:   To renovate one playground per year in the City of York with the community's support to design, fundraise, and build.  Through our programs, events and new play spaces, we promote active lifestyles and encourage family interaction.


Heritage Rail Trail​

Contact: Gwen Loose, Director
Director of York County Rail Trail Authority




Tobacco-free Task Force

Contact:  Barbara Kovacs, Chair
Director, York City Bureau of Health
Mission: To reduce tobacco use in York County by mobilizing and collaborating community programs aimed at tobacco prevention, cessation, advocacy and education.
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