The United States Conference of Mayors 2014 Childhood Obesity Prevention Award


Childhood Obesity is a growing concern in our nation today. In York City alone, over 44% of children have BMI scores of 27 or over (York City Bureau of Health-2013). One major cause of this rising statistic involves the inaccessibility of healthy foods to York City residents. According to the Pennsylvania Department of Education, between 97%-99% of students attending public schools within the city qualify for free or reduced lunch.picking veggies.jpg

The City of York, in conjunction with the Bureau of Health and Eat Play Breathe York, have been awarded a $100,000 Childhood Obesity Prevention Grant in order to combat this striking statistic. A Childhood Wellness Program has been developed to approach issues  such as improving nutrition and increasing physical activity during the school day. These points include:

  1. Improving nutrition by
    1. Expanding the fresh fruits and vegetable snack program from 3 to 9 elementary schools so that each student can snack on fresh produce, and be educated on its value
    2. Expanding the Hope Street Garden and Learning Lab and current school gardens by installing greenhouses for yearlong growing and education
    3. Implementing new school gardens with greenhouses to reach more youth and school staff members within the community
    4. Providing opportunities that use garden produce in the schools and from school to home

  2. Increasing physical activity throughout the school day by
    1. Adopting the CATCH curriculum in 6 pre-schools to provide physical activity and nutrition opportunities among​ our young children
    2. Incorporating the "Take 10" curriculum for grade K-8 in all schools
    3. Engaging teachers and school administration to incorporate physical activity throughout the day so that students can focus on academics

Grant dollars will be used to provide garden supplies, refrigerator units and curriculum for schools and pre-schools within the City.  Funds will also be used for educational and community awareness activities such as the development of Public Service Announcement videos and free Play Streets events.

WRCT - Childhood Obesity Prevention Award Press Conference​

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