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Check out No Sweat, ​York​, a blog that shares knowledge about healthy living to help the York community get stronger and feel better.

Plant product now for a veggie filled summer
--May 10, 2016, Cori Strathmeyer

Apples - Market Basket of the Month
--October 22, 2015, Cori Strathmeyer

Walk often Walk safely
--September 17, 2015, Cori Strathmeyer

Playground play improves kids' health
--September 3, 2015, Cori Strathmeyer

--July 30, 2015, Cori Strathmeyer

--July 2, 2015, Cori Strathmeyer

--February 26, 2015, Cori Strathmeyer
Bike In York Week Returns
--May 11, 2014, Cori Strathmeyer
Let's Move York City!
--April 24, 2014, Cori Strathmeyer
Put safety first when riding bikes with family  
--April 10, 2014, Jess Krout
Healthy Kids Day April 26,2014   
--April 9, 2014, Cori Strathmeyer
York students and community leaders kick butts!
--March 17, 2014, Cori Strathmeyer

Yum! Oranges
--January 27, 2014, Cori Strathmeyer

Eat Play Breathe York debuts healthy PSAs
-November 13, 2013, Cori Strathmeyer
York is a Playful City! ​  
-September 11, 2013, Cori Strathmeyer

City streets become playgrounds for a night
-August 14, 2013, Hannah Sawyer

Put play into your day at Play Streets
-July 16, 2013, Cori Strathmeyer

Walking on a lunch break in York adds up!
-July 2, 2013, Bethany Richardson
-June 27, 2013, Cori Strathmeyer

Play Streets to come to Kiwanis Lake
-June 18, 2013, Bethany Richardson

Family First Health: Eat Your Greens Program​
-April 12, 2013, Leigh Zaleski

Police officers: please enforce the 4' law​
-March 29, 2013, Scott Fisher 

Hope Street Garden and Learning Lab Ground-breaking Ceremony​
-March 16, 2013, Cori Strathmeyer

Hope Street Garden and Learning Lab lot clean up​
-March 12, 2013, Leigh Zaleski 

Hey drivers - don't forget the 4' rule!
-February 27, 2013, Dawn Cutaia

Play like a kid and improve your health
-February 25, 2013, Cori Strathmeyer

Death from cigarette smoking on the rise for women​
-February 19, 2013, Ashley May​​​

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