Bike In York 2015​

May is National Bike Month!BFC designation 2014.jpg

National Bike Month is a chance to bring awareness to the many benefits of riding a bicycle and why it is such a great addition to a healthy lifestyle. Bike in York, an Eat Play Breathe York initiative, would like to take this opportunity to learn from other cyclists about safe places to ride and bring attention to the available biking amenities that York City has to offer. All of this supports biking as a viable mode of transportation! York City is such a great place to ride that it was named a bicycle friendly community by the League of American Bicyclists and during National Bike Month we need your help to showcase some of the reasons why

The Challenge

  1. Snap a photo of you and/or your friends with your bike(s) or your favorite places to bike in and around York City.
  2. Upload the photo to social media using the hashtag #BikeinYork. (Photos can also be emailed to Craig Walt at the York City Bureau of Health.
  3. Check out photos that other York City bike-riders are posting by visiting the ‘Bike in York’ Facebook page or simply searching the hashtag #BikeinYork.
  4. Vote for your favorite photo by “liking” it on the ‘Bike in York’ Facebook page. The photo with the most ‘likes’ at the end of National Bike Month will win a prize!



Always remember to obey traffic laws and wear your helmet. And of course, don’t take photos while riding! 

Print and share a copy of the Bike In York Challenge flyer with your friends, family and colleagues and then get biking!


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